3 Şubat 2013 Pazar

DIY - Pratik Pelerin Yapımı

Çok pratik bir pelerin yapımına rastladım sizinlede paylaşmak istedim... Bende yapacağım bundan bir tane kendimee :)

  Malzemeler ;

Makas  ve Ekoseli Kumaş..

Don’t let superheros have all the fun.  It’s time you made yourself into a caped crusader.  I recently took my own advice when I spent the day with Elizabeth Holmes, who is quite the DIY queen herself, of The Wall Street Journal.  I dreamt up a must-have DIY cape which infused my favorite tartan plaid and the signature silhouette i love.  More behind the scenes snaPS with WSJ here!
To create, reach for your favorite cotton flannel or wool material.  You will need approx. 2 yards, depending on the size you desire.  First, fold material in half, horizontally.  Place a hat at the top of the fold (half way down).  This will serve as a neck-hole guide.  Continue to cut out a 4”inch panel.  Don’t throw away the scraps! Use the fabric scraps to create a strip which you can use as your belt.  P.S.- add fun brooches, and group in a  cluster, for a stunning finishing touch.  P.S.- Watch the DIY Video HERE.


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